N2300 Series 4K Encoders and Decoders


AMX 4K Products
4K signal distribution? AMX offers an end-to-end solution that combines our Solecis, Enova DGX and DXLink Receivers.
7" N-Touch Series Touch Panel
Combines the UI & control capabilities of AMX SVSI panel builder with elegance of the Modero S Touch Panel.
SVSI N1115 Encoder Wallplate
Provides excellent encoding capabilities of the NMX-ENC-N1133 MPC Encoder in a wallplate format.
SVSI N1512 Windowing Processor
Connect to an SVSI Video over IP network and accepts up to four video streams over the network.
Alero Web Conferencing Audio Mixer supports up to 8 room microphones and actively adjusts levels on the fly making web conferencing a breeze.
Enova DGX Configuration Tool
This web tool allows you to build a configuration, then save and print the module layout and related parts list.
RMS Enterprise
A robust solution for IT/AV managers to centrally monitor and manage AV devices and building systems.
HydraPort Connection Preview
The new HydraPort web tool for arranging modules and printing actual size color prints and parts lists for your custom configuration.
Education Alliance Program
A multi-level international program making it easier for Higher Education Institutions to do business with AMX.
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